Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chicago: Mosaics and Silhouettes

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 On our last morning in Chicago we knew we wanted to check out the Chicago Cultural Center. This was mainly because it was originally the Chicago Public Library, and we love few things more than books. Plus we'd never really been inside a library that opulent before. Grand entry halls, mosaics galore, and stained glass, this former library has it all. 

It also has the largest Tiffany dome in the world. It's now used for events and exhibits, anyone can tour for free in between. We imagined it being filled with books. Perhaps that's the only thing that could make it more lovely.

 It was a fairly clear morning and the clouds weren't as low, so the last thing we did was head back to 360 Chicago to see how the city looked during the day. Vastly different than the architecture from the morning, we looked out to the modern skyscrapers that line the lake shore while the sun made silhouettes of the buildings on one side of the city.

 Lake Michigan is another highlight of the view. The still blue water is endless. I'd love to see it during the summer when it's teeming with boats and sunbathers along the shore.

Until then, Chicago!

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