Thursday, January 26, 2017

More Chicago: Art Institute and the Navy Pier

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For our next day in the Windy City we had one mission: to get to the Art Institute of Chicago.  I get really excited for art museums. No matter where I go, I always try to check one out. Being in a larger city I was looking forward to something on the scale of the MET or the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We took another quick stroll around The Bean and through Millennium Park on the way to the museum.


The interior was decorated in preparation for the holiday. You know those rare occasions where you go into something with really high expectations and somehow you're still blown away? That was our experience that day. The scale of it was everything I'd hoped for and more. Collection after collection, floor after floor, piece after piece. We wandered for hours through the ancient art to the modern, through the household names to the underrated to the unknown, and it never got tiring.

A lot of people had the same idea as us that day. It was a day off work for many. There were plenty of families going in and out of the exhibits. It's great to see children in art museums. As a child I didn't have much of an appreciation of art. I still don't fully grasp all the different genres or understand the various movements. I'm not familiar with many artists that aren't ones that society has deemed the main players. I just like how it makes me feel to be around beautiful things.

By the time we left it was early afternoon and our next goal was to go to the Navy Pier, another iconic Chicago destination that we decided we couldn't miss. It was cold, quite cold, though not too windy. The grey skies also persisted. Not many people were there with us. The slight wind coming in from the lake made it even colder. It was easy to imagine it being full and alive with people during the spring or summer. The water is a really pretty bluish green, and it has great views of the city behind it.

We made it all the way around before warming up inside as it got dark outside, before we headed out to a tour we'd scheduled for the evening. That's not all for our whirlwind introduction to Chicago!

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