Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Most Christmassy of Days

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Am I the only one who has had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year? I know we always talk about how fast time flies but this year it seriously felt like I blinked, and it went from being July to December, with only a few weeks away from Christmas and the New Year. It wasn't so much that I was feeling the opposite of festive, I was just more resisting the fact that the season was here already and 2017 was coming along with it.
Traditions ground you though, and besides the regular holiday traditions my mom and I have made going to Philadelphia somewhat of a December tradition. This year was no different. We're always there on what seems to be the coldest weekend of the year. We changed it up slightly this time however, flying into Trenton, New Jersey instead and spending Friday and the first part of Saturday in Princeton.

Princeton really does Christmas well. It's a gorgeous and cozy town on its own, but even better with all the holiday trimmings. We started off Saturday morning at the Morven Museum and Garden. It's an 18th century estate that has guided house tours and a wonderful garden. We went on a day when they were having a special event with Santa that we were much too old for, so unfortunately we weren't able to see inside the house. If the outside was any indication of how the inside was decorated, we really missed out.

The town's main square was done up beautifully as well. We stopped by there after spending a few hours at Princeton University. Carolers set the mood as they performed by the storefronts. Garland and holly were everywhere. It was freezing, but even that was kind of nice. Christmastime is supposed to be cold.

The festiveness continued in Philly. We got there right after sunset and headed to Penn's Landing for Winterfest when we finished having dinner at our inn. They have ice skating and every form of winter joy imaginable. Fire pits can be used to warm up or roast marshmallows from the s'more packs you can purchase. Hot chocolate and cider are on sale as well. Everything looks like it belongs in a skiing lodge, and it's all decked out for Christmas. You can even rent little cabins by the hour in case all of that wasn't enough. So much spirit.

We stayed at the Morris House Hotel by Washington Square Park. Every inch of the hotel was done up perfectly for the holiday. Having breakfast by the fire on Sunday morning was the best way to end the weekend. The company was pretty stellar too.

Here's to traditions and to getting into the holiday spirit!

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