Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 in Sunsets

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The year started with the most epic of sunsets, a West Coast sunset over the Pacific. Check off the list. There were sunsets over the water, from plane windows, those with mountain silhouettes or cityscapes, the ones where the sun turns the clouds into a canvas. They were all different, all unique, and each one was beautiful. 

Los Angeles
Sunsets are symbols for so many things. Every day the sun goes down, sometimes it's hidden by clouds or storms, sometimes it's more vibrant than others, but more days than not, there's beauty in the sky right before night settles in.

Amelia Island, Florida
Chateau Morrisette, Virginia
This year I've been reminded of the seasons of life, which are much like the stages of a day: light, warmth, vibrancy, darkness, then light trickles in all over again. The vibrant moments, like a sunset, might be short lived but it's intense and awe-inspiring. It gives you the courage to get through the dark and it wouldn't mean as much if it weren't ushering in the night. The light and the dark are in perfect balance.

Blue Ridge Parkway


From the sky 

We tend to notice them more or take the time to feel their beauty whenever we're on vacation. The sun goes down every day though. Those sunsets have been some of the best, whether on the drive home, while shopping, or on a walk. Even on an ordinary day life can be pretty spectacular, just look up.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harker's Island, North Carolina

Roanoke, Virginia
So all of this was to say that 2016 was full of some amazing sunsets.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2017, I can't wait to see the best sunset you have in store.

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